Denovus Insights

Our mission is to help clients improve self-awareness, promote creative solutions to difficult problems, maximize personal and professional potential, and realize their purpose.


  1. Promote the psychospiritual growth of our clients.
  2. Use myth and depth psychological concepts to help people.
  3. Build a cohort of camaraderie to instill a sense of community.


We will change the world one person at a time by promoting enduring principles that have consistently demonstrated relevance and efficacy in people’s lives.

Creative Solutions

Our signature three point system (ACE Process) and powerful depth coaching tools promote sustainable solutions to people who are looking for effective ways to enhance their quality of life.

Home of the Depth Profile

The Depth Profile is a comprehensive tool designed to assess, model, and engage the whole personality. The profile is intended for the client who is invested in self-improvement.

Client-Centered Coaching

Denovus Insights focuses on a whole person model and helps clients set goals, find orientation, and get more general satisfaction out of their lives.

Leadership Team

At Denovus Insights we aim to deliver quality services to our clients and customers.

Kiley Laughlin, PhD

Kiley Laughlin, PhD


Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer Chapman

Director of Operations

Audie Whitt

Audie Whitt